Holmdel Patch - Education Foundation Funds $15K in Mini-Grants for Schools

Good Evening.  My name is Teresa Graw and it is my pleasure to join you tonight as a representative of the Holmdel Foundation for Educational Excellence.  Many of you are here tonight to share in the wonderful occasion of accepting awards earned by your children for their school performance this year.  I sincerely congratulate you all on such a happy occasion.   

For many years the HFEE has provided funding for state‐of‐the‐art equipment, learning tools and innovative programming for the purpose of enhancing the offered curriculum in Holmdel District Schools.  I have no doubt that your exceptional students have all had the opportunity, at some point throughout this year, to make use of something donated by the HFEE.  The funds coming from the HFEE were all obtained thru direct, private donations from families and friends of students and from local businesses and other community based organizations.  As the current President of the HFEE, I am proud to say that we are continuing that tradition today and are announcing that is our Board’s intention to make a monetary donation of up to $52,000 for the purchase and installation of an all‐digital sound system for the Holmdel High School Auditorium.  The Auditorium is used by all High School and Satz school students as well as parents and local community groups for theatrical performances, assemblies, concerts and awards ceremonies, among other things.

The new sound system is to include:

  • Yamaha All‐Digital LS932 Mixing Board  ‐‐ the "heart" of the system, the new soundboard moves us to a digital format. Ethersound Digital Network Stagebox ‐‐ this will connect the sub woofer speaker to the mixing board and will allow for fuller bass sound in auditorium.
  • 12 Space Wall Rack with Back Door with Plexi‐ this is for the eight new wireless microphone receivers ‐ it will be installed next to the soundboard.
  • Two Speakers and a Sub Woofer ‐  this is for the "surround sound" and will  be mounted on the walls and the stage of the auditorium.
  • Bodypack Transmitters and Handheld Mics  ‐ these are eight new wireless microphones (handheld and body) for the students to use during a show.

On behalf of the HFEE, thank you for your continued support.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve the Holmdel School Community in the future. 

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