Make a lasting impression by purchasing a small or large music note, located across from Music Room B. There are a limited number of notes available, so please purchase yours today! Ms. Greco will then add your name to the music note in September. Your purchase will support the HFEE's large gift initiative for the 2022-2023 school year- a new music room for Indian Hill School.


Welcome to the Holmdel Foundation For Educational Excellence (HFEE)


2022-2023 Gift

Music ignites all areas of child development, including intellectual, social, emotional, motor, language and overall literacy.  Published research on the benefits of music education found that musical experiences in childhood can accelerate brain development and language acquisition while improving reading skills, memory skills and mathematical learning.  To honor the importance of music education, the HFEE is gifting a state of the art music room to Indian Hill.  The music room has been transformed into a modern fresh space where children can learn to play an instrument and explore musical concepts.  Photos will be published here once the new room is unveiled.       

2021-2022 Gift 

In a continuation of providing exceptional STEM resources to the district, the HFEE will be gifting two new science classrooms to Village Elementary School. The gift will transform the current spaces of Rooms 105 and 132 into modern, innovative and flexible workspaces, where children grades 1-3 can create projects and explore new concepts (Note: the PSA will fund a K-1 science room). Follow this link to learn more and see photos!


2020-2021 Major Gift

The 2020 year has been bumpy one for many of us. HFEE canceled its gala, 5K and other events. However, we were able to run a fantastic online auction where more than 100 people bid on raffle and auction items. And we were able to provide the financial support to create the Satz Innovation Room. The Satz Innovation Room was created by transforming an old traditional woodworking shop into a cutting edge creative engineering and fabrication space. It includes state-of-the-art equipment like a laser cutter, 3D printers, robots and a vacuum former. Follow this link to learn more and see photos!


2018-2019 Gift

Each year HFEE supports a major project to enhance the educational experience of Holmdel students. We are thrilled to  have gifted the new playground at Village School.  


Play is such an integral part of the social and emotional development of our youngest learners.  A new state of the art playground is a major upgrade to the playgrounds currently on-site and will be enjoyed by Village students for many years to come.                 

You can help maintain the stature of Holmdel Schools!
We need your support! You can help HFEE provide opportunities that the school budget is unable to cover. We do this by providing grants that enhance the educational experience for students to prepare them to meet the challenges of a highly competitive 21st century global economy.

Our 2022/2023 Corporate Sponsors:

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2022-2023 Highlights:
The 2022-23 year was a huge success, thanks to our generous families and corporate sponsors. Our HFEE "Sweet 16" Spring Gala was the biggest yet, we hosted a successful 5K run, and a very exciting Battle of the Faculties (Indian Hill pulled off a huge upset!). These events and the annual giving donations raised over $100,000 and have helped us fund a new state of the art music room at Indian Hill. We also funded multiple student and teacher mini-grants across all of the schools.

How can you get involved?
Please make a fully tax-deductible donation to the HFEE on the donate page. Any level of support is greatly appreciated! Also, sign up early for events like the Gala and Battle of the Faculties – these were over-subscribed last year.

Want to learn more?
For more information on recent projects and mini-grants, please check out the website and also our HFEE YouTube channel. The videos and music were created for the HFEE by Holmdel High School students.

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