Nothing attests to the strength and vitality of a community like its public school system. In Holmdel, we have always recognized the value of education and have made a commitment to maintaining an outstanding public education for all district students.

Our children are so fortunate to be part of a community where education is held in the highest regard. According to New Jersey Monthly magazine, Holmdel continues to be recognized as the number one high school in Monmouth County.

The margin of excellence that Holmdel public schools enjoy is becoming increasingly more difficult to maintain due to state mandated budget caps and reduced state aid. This is why we need your support now more than ever.

Help us to continue providing the support that our teachers and students need to maintain the current outstanding level of achievement. We invite you to join us in our fundraising efforts to ensure that Holmdel’s public schools remain number one in Monmouth County; for the sake of our students and the future of our community.

To learn more about the HFEE please check out our short overview video produced by Holmdel High School students.  You can also follow us on Facebook for the latest updates!



The Holmdel Foundation for Educational Excellence was founded in 1996 to bring private funding to Holmdel Public Schools. The Foundation’s goal is to enhance the educational experience of each and every public school student by fostering innovative programs in the areas of Academics, Athletics, and the Arts, and providing funds for the purchase of equipment and other materials used in these programs. The Foundation also enables faculty members and students to undertake a number of unique classroom projects at all grade levels by awarding numerous classroom mini-grants.

The Foundation is governed by parent volunteer Board of Trustees which is separate from that of the School District. The Holmdel Superintendent, the President of the Board of Education, and a representative from each of the four Holmdel schools are permanent Board Trustees. These permanent positions ensure that the Holmdel Foundation for Educational Excellence continues to make appropriate decisions that complement the school districts efforts.   

Investing in the Future through Fundraising:  
Dedicated to enhancing our school district, our community has continuously shown their support through a number of different fundraising efforts. These include our Annual Giving Campaign, our biennial Gala, Battle of the Faculties, and 5K and Kid Fun Run. The Annual Giving Campaign is a wonderful way to show your support. You can make your contribution any time during the year with our secure site hfee.org/give                                   

Trustees for 2022-2023


Catherine Grunsfeld, Esq. Chairperson
Nicole Bell, Annual Giving Co-Chairperson
Birttany Mallardi, Annual Giving Co-Chairperson
Milin Rao, Treasurer
Sean T. Dowd, Secretary




Marina Ackerson
Steve Burden
Doreen DeMarco
Kristin (Belen) Fernandez
Erica Fuqua
Danielle George
Karen Kelly
Bret Klinefelter
Inna Lazebnik
Desiree Ostrovsky
Chandana Rao
Bryan Rukin
Rupal Shah
Cara Shamseldin
Michelle Sottile
Lauren Teevan
Amanda L. Volk
Rimma Wilms


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