Mini-Grants Program - 2021-2022


Timeline 2021-2022(PDF)

Information Sheet(PDF)

Application for Teachers and Staff(PDF)

Application for Students(PDF)


We are pleased to announce the 2022-2023 Holmdel Foundation for Educational Excellence (HFEE) Mini-Grants. The monetary gift from the HFEE total is $32,151.04.

HFEE 2022-2023 Mini-Grants


Small Grants from the HFEE make a Big Impact in Holmdel School District(PDF)




A few of the many wonderful and enriching gifts HFEE provided throughout the years because of the generous donations received through our supporters:

K/1 Literacy Room - Village 
2/3 Literacy Room - Village 
Wilson Reading Program – Village 
Writing Workshop Tool Kits - Village 
Science Activity Centers - Village
Rain Garden Classroom Amenities - Village 
Reading Resource Room - Indian Hill 
Band Risers – Indian Hill 
Sound System - Multi Purpose Room, Indian Hill 
Stage Refurbishment – Satz 
Presentation Screen - Satz 
Student Management System Upgrade – Satz/HHS 
Student Messaging/Electronic Collaboration – Satz/HHS 
Upright Piano – Satz/HHS 
Athletic Equipment/Enhancements – HHS 
Yamaha GranTouch Piano – HHS 
AP Chemistry Lab – HHS 
TV Production – HHS
Digital Sound System - HHS PAC
World Language Lab - HHS/Satz

Smart boards – all schools 
ELMO visual presenters – all schools 
Mobile Computer Labs – all schools 
Computer Technology – all schools 
Software upgrades – all schools 
Annual Mini-Grants – all school